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eVideos: Linking to eResources

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Creating links to library eResources

You need to...
Provide links to articles, eResources and Library Catalogue records that are stable over time and will work both on and off campus.

The problem: 
Adding links the usual way (copying and pasting the URL that appears in your browser) doesn't always work since those URLs often contain variables that change every time the article or eResource is accessed. Also, the URLs you copy from your browser do not contain the code necessary to make off-campus access possible.

The Solution: 
Use Permalinks or Persistent URLs and the information contained on these pages to create links that work!

Select one of the tabs above to get started!

Contact your Campus Library staff if you need further assistance.

  1. View our eVideos collection at
  2. Subscriptions include:
    Clickview Videos - thousands of Australian educational videos targeted at national Units of Competency
    Films on Demand - thousands of educational videos from USA, UK and Australia
    Realtime Healthhundreds of patient and carer interviews on a broad range of conditions
    Safetycare Safetyhub - work, health, safety and accident prevention videos for Australian workplaces
  3. Selected titles from the Clickview, Realtime Health and Safetycare collections are listed on the website by Title and Subject, and are catalogued in TAFEcat. Login to the video platform to view the full collections.
  4. Login with TAFE Username and Password.
  5. Linking and embedding instructions in each eVideo platform vary, so refer to the instructions below.
Linking to eBooks using the TAFE NSW Catalogue (TAFEcat)
  1. All eBooks are catalogued and can be searched via the TAFEcat.
  2. Locate the title you want to link to eg. "Sustainable Gardens" in the CSIRO eBook collection. Click on the title to open.
  3. Click on Permalink in the toolbar and copy the URL in the box that appears.
  4. Users will be required to login with the CSIRO database specific password in this instance, or their TAFE Username and Password for EBSCO eBooks.

Note: This is a stable URL ready for linking in Moodle or elsewhere. Other resources in the Library catalogue, such as hardcopy books and journals, can also be linked in this way.

Linking to EBSCO eBooks using database Permalinks

Locate the book you want to link to and click on Permalink in the right hand menu bar. Copy the URL.

Use your TAFE username and password to access.
Follow the instructions in the document below for creating links to individual Standards, or contact your library staff to do this for you.
Note: when using Australian Standards deep links:
You cannot click on one deep link to an individual standard and then another. To view a second document via a deep link, you need to log out of SAI Global first, by clicking on subscription logout.

Basic Steps

  1. Obtain and copy the permalink of the resource.
  2. If using a Microsoft Office application (such as Word) add to the end of the URL “&ssosource=cdagent”
  3. Refer to the attached instructions for full details

    NOTE: Database authentication code - In most other library databases, additional database authentication code must be added to the database permalink. EBSCO have already added the TAFEcat authentication to deeplinks on all their websites, so this step is not required.

Basic Steps
1.    Obtain and copy the bookmark URL of the resource.
2.    Add the Database Authentication via TAFEcat prefix URL (requires user to login with TAFE Username and Password)

3.    Replace & with %26
4.    If using a Microsoft Office application (such as Word) add to the end of the URL &ssosource=cdagent
5.    Refer to the instructions for full details.

Hunter and Central Coast TAFE Libraries subscribe to the following Informit databases:

  • A+ Education
  • Australian Public Affairs Full Text (APAFT)
  • Business Collection
  • Families & Society Collection

The instructions in the handout below to obtain and copy the link URL for individual journal publications, or journal articles.

Basic Steps
1.    Obtain and copy the URL of the resource.
2.    Add the Database Authentication via TAFEcat prefix URL (requires user to login with TAFE Username and Password)

3.    Replace & with %26
4.    If using a Microsoft Office application (such as Word) add to the end of the URL &ssosource=cdagent
5.    Refer to the instructions for details.

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