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Disability Resources: Home

Learn about various disability services and management of the physical, medical and emotional needs of those with a disability.

Read&Write Learning Support Software


Read&Write is a literacy and learning support software available to all TAFE NSW students and staff to install on home laptops, PCs, Macs, and Tablets to assist with your studies.
This Text to Speech and Literacy Support software is available to all students on TAFE NSW computers in classrooms and libraries. Students can also download the software for use on their own devices.
It will:
  • Read anything on your computer screen to you
  • Help with spelling
  • Help with writing
  • Help with study skills
  • Download notes onto your MP3 player

For further information Ask a Librarian.

Online Video - Supporting People with Disabilities (Clickview)


Disability Services at TAFE

The purpose of our Disability Services is to ensure that people with disabilities have access, support and equal opportunities while studying at TAFE NSW.

A number of support services are offered to eligible students including interpreters, tutorial support, modified learning materials, and more.

Books and DVDs in Hunter Libraries

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NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme)


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