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Law and Legal Issues: Websites

Information and resources on various topics related to the law and legal issues.

Law and Legal Issues - Useful Websites


Website Evaluation Checklist

The C.R.A.P Test!CRAP

Use this criteria to evaluate the information on a website:


Is there a date on the page?
When was the page created or last updated?
Is it current enough for your topic?


Who is the author or owner of the site?
Is the site a .edu .org or .gov or .com

.gov   Government
.edu   Educational
.com  Company or commercial site
.org    Non-government organisation

Is the information objective and unbiased?


Is the information accurate?
Is the information referenced?
Is the site edited?


Is the site for commercial purposed only? (highly likely if it is a .com)
Who is the intended audience for the site?
Is the site appropriate for your needs?

Legal Resources on the Web

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Useful Sites for HSC & TPC Students